Rancho Cannatella


Kayak Fishing Tours
Boating or kayaking in the pristine Golfo Dulce is an experience like no other.
With the abundance of fish such as tuna, snapper, and mackerel you can catch your own dinner and have left overs for a week.
Charter a boat for a day or go on an adventure our kayaks. We will take you spearfishing on the reef in front of our house or line fishing on the kayak. Launch the kayak from beach steps from your bedroom door.
2 HOUR: $75
3 HOUR: $125
FARM hike and lunch on La Hierba Mountain
Walk our land in the mountains, harvest fruit and enjoy a delicious lunch made by a local lady cooked over an open fire.
$50/PERSON ( 4 HOUR)
Guided Nature Walks
A steady hike into the mountains behind our house with expansive views with a variety of plants and monkey sightings  (3 hour round trip).
Mountain or Beach Horseback Tours
Explore the jungle through the mountains and on the beach with clean and trained horses (3 hour trip).



Raw Cacao Cooking Classes
Learn how cacao is grown and processed to make delicious cacao creations.
Waterfall Trip with Homemade lunch on an open fire
Walk to a waterfall ending with a home cooked meal by local ladies cooked over an open fire. 3 hour trip

Make sure to visit some of the most amazing sights in Costa Rica before or after your stay!


Cerro Chirripó, the highest mountain in Costa Rica. Chiripo shines at 3,820 metres (12,533 ft).  From sea level here at Rancho Cannatella, Chirpo stand 45 kilometers up from our beachside abode. With miles of trails here in one of Costa Rica’s most wild national park.  Breathtaking views of both the Pacific Coast and Caribbean, a memorable experience indeed.  Make a reservation ahead of time and plan for three nights away. Best to spend one night in hotel before hiking as you will begin the adventure around 3 in the morning.  Expect two nights at base camp, hiking back down on the third day. Three days you will never forget.  Rustic accommodations, delicious food and cold temperatures. Pack layers, sunscreen, camera, hat, walking sticks, sturdy hiking boots and any specialty items for foodies (tea bags, hot sauce, booze, snacks).
Fresh mountain water, beautiful wild flowers, wild fruits and ancient reptiles were just a few of the endless gifts strewn throughout the Park.


La Amistad

Nestled in La Amistad International Park is a family owned and operated Lodge. This is a great base camp for exploring the largest park in Costa Rica, as well as the largest shade growing coffee estate in Central America. Take a tour of the coffee hacienda, or a scenic horseback ride through the forest.  Accommodations include three home cooked meals.