Rancho Cannatella

Cannatella Journal

The Wave

Rancho Cannatella is steps from the sandy beach and minutes walk to the world famous break “the point”.  As you walk out our front gate, cross the dirt road and onto our private path where a gorgeous quiet beach awaits you.  Grab your board for a private session or when[…]

Backdoor at Cannatellas

Backdoor at Cannatella’s has continued to evolve over the past year. In March of 2015, a dear friend of mine from Telluride Colorado, Tim Altic, master skater and skate park designer, left the snowy mountains to come visit us here in the jungle at Rancho Cannatella.  Joseph and Tim immediately[…]

Vibrant Soul Food

Welcome to Rancho Cannatella where food is abundant and someone is always in the kitchen. We all love to cook and eat around here.  Joseph was in the restaurant business for almost a decade before moving to Pavones.  Since being here he has adapted to the climate, food and culture[…]