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Backdoor at Cannatellas

Backdoor at Cannatella’s has continued to evolve over the past year. In March of 2015, a dear friend of mine from Telluride Colorado, Tim Altic, master skater and skate park designer, left the snowy mountains to come visit us here in the jungle at Rancho Cannatella.  Joseph and Tim immediately connected as they both share a passion for skating. Over the last 10 months, our driveway has been transformed into a skate boulevard. It continues to evolve with wooptey doos, vertical ramps, balconies, basketball hoops and more! Open to all ages and levels. Please remember no lifeguard on duty and we ask that you skate at your own risk. We open on Sunday afternoons to the public from 3-6 and every afternoon for guests! Make sure to come check out Juicy Roll creations! All boards, paddles and wood art are made from exotic hardwoods, all one of a kind, all handcrafted and sourced sustainably!  Take for a test drive or purchase one to take home. You must come check it out to see for yourself.

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