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Vibrant Soul Food

Welcome to Rancho Cannatella where food is abundant and someone is always in the kitchen. We all love to cook and eat around here.  Joseph was in the restaurant business for almost a decade before moving to Pavones.  Since being here he has adapted to the climate, food and culture learning the best way to utilize fresh local food.  He loves to cook on the figon, an open fire, especially fish soup with fresh coconut milk and locally grown root vegetables.  I also share a passion for cooking and have been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember.  I went to culinary school and worked the line in an Italian restaurant in NYC, owned and operated a catering business in Colorado for 5 years before moving to the jungle.  For the past five years in Costa Rica I’ve cooked at a number of different places.  First at Zwart Cafe in Santa Teresa, Danyasa in Dominical, Jungle Soul Table in Pavones and now Rancho Cannatella in Pavones. I have been documenting many of these adventures through a blog called ladylovefood.com ( which we are about to relaunch!). All of these experiences have brought me to this moment and this plate.  Our main staples around here: gallo pinto ( rice and beans), sopa de pescado ( fish soup), patacones ( fried plaintains), homemade tortillas,  fresh fruit ( on property: bananas, papaya, mangosteen, momachinos, starfruit, guanabana, water apples, peanut butter fruit and many more), jungle greens ( katuk, chaya and spinach), fresh eggs and lots of avocado!  Come see us to taste the abundance by the sea!

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